Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map replaces the 2006 CAMA Land Use Map and is used to guide decisions on rezonings and development regulations. It shows what type of development, also known as "place types," would be best for different areas of the county outside of the city limits. The Future Land Use Map is not legally binding like the New Hanover County Zoning Map. Instead, it reflects the community's 25-year vision, and will be used to guide future decisions.

Place Types

Place types describe the way different areas of the community need to look and work in order to meet future goals. They are the result of the county's strategies for preparing for growth, while protecting natural resources. Place types will be used to inform decisions about zoning and development standards.

One place type strategy is mixing commercial, residential, and other land uses. This will allow people greater choices of where they can access jobs, housing, and recreation. Another strategy is clustering dense development in growth nodes. This will allow residents in these areas to be able to shop, work, and play closer to home. Other areas can stay open and more rural.

The Place Type Packet (PDF) includes a copy of the Future Land Use Map and a description of each place type.

Growth Nodes

The Future Land Use Map shows three growth nodes where more density will be encouraged. Focusing development in these areas will allow nearby residents to access services more easily. It will also provide for a growing population, while preserving open space and rural areas.