Park Rules

Please enjoy exploring this family-friendly Park. While you are visiting, please abide by the rules:

  • The park is open from dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted or authorized by New Hanover County.
  • Visitors to the facility should be aware of and respect the residential nature of the area leading to and surrounding the Park and Museum.
  • Please use trash and recycle bin. It is unlawful to litter in the Park.
  • The following activities are not permitted in the park:
    • Smoking except for parking lots.
    • Consumption of alcohol or possession of open containers of alcohol on the property.
    • Excessive noise.
    • Unleashed pets.
    • Cutting, picking, removing or destroying plant life, animals or property.
    • Skateboarding and rollerblading.
    • Motorized vehicles, including but not limited to, ATVs, golf carts, motorbikes, etc.
    • Carrying, possessing or using firearms or other dangerous weapons of any nature.
    • Parking after closing time.
    • Overnight camping on the property.
    • Open fires or fireworks.
    • Solicitation.
    • Commercial activity, unless specifically authorized in writing by New Hanover County
  • All New Hanover County ordinances pertaining to County parks are applicable.