Do I need a permit?

To be sure of what permit or documentation is required, you can view the county’s Permit Chart (PDF). This chart provides general guidance on what permits are required for each project.

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1. Where can I view a demonstration of the New Single-Family Residential Building Permit?
2. How do I find information for a Lien Agent and how to apply?
3. Do I need a permit?
4. Can I speak to the plan reviewer about their comments?
5. Has the power release been sent? Duke / Piedmont says they don’t have it.
6. Why is there a hold on my permit?
7. What do I need to include with my permit application?
8. My permit expired, what do I need to do?
9. How can I get a partial Certificate of Occupancy (CO) so I can occupy before the final CO?
10. Why is Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) / City of Wilmington Zoning holding up my permit?
11. What are the file standards for a submittal?