What projects are being paid for with the borrowed money?

The voter-approved debt includes projects that created parks and recreational facilities in our county, such as the expansion and improvement of Northern Regional Park and Veterans Park through the 2006 voter-approved bonds. It also includes projects to construct facilities for Cape Fear Community College, including the Union Station building, the Humanities and Fine Arts Center and the Advanced and Emerging Technologies facilities from the 2008 voter-approved bonds. Later debt approved by the voters in 2014 was for county public school facilities, which includes the construction of the new Porters Neck Elementary and the replacement of Blair Elementary and College Park Elementary.

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1. What is a debt fund and is this a new tax or fee? Why is it shown separately on my bill?
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4. What projects are being paid for with the borrowed money?
5. Will that debt service fund tax rate change in the future or remain at 6.9 cents?
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